Iowa... Life Changing!

This site is published from high atop the hill between the twin cities of Tama and Toledo, Iowa.  It provides links to personal and family web pages, sites that I have developed for nonprofit organizations and other links of interest to the residents of South Tama County. Be sure to bookmark this site and all your favorites.

If you are a mountain climber looking for adventure then click somewhere else... after all, this is IOWA!, .net and .com - What's the Difference?

A Little Background Info

I’ve been developing web sites for the past 12 years; not for profit but as a way to stay current with the technology, as well as helping pay for my equipment, web space, software and books. Most importantly, it affords me some opportunity to be creative. My “real work” with HP afforded me little time for creativity so I found web development to be a good, low-pressure, creative release.

I should note here that HP was a wonderful company to work for and they certainly encourage creativity (innovation) from their employees.  However, my job kept me VERY busy during the week (and frequently on weekends) so it was frankly hard to find time to get the creative juices flowing. 

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